Our Services

We are a consultancy service based in the UK. We exclusively provide our clients with bespoke consultations, in-house and online training in general business management services, management value with analytical approach, innovation and service excellence.

Project Management & Controls

We aid in initiating, planning, monitoring, executing, controlling, project work which involves data analysis, cost and time control tools, tracking the actual project performance with the planned project management activities and deadlines which is critical in achieving a successful project and programme outcomes.

Procurement & Contract Management

We assist in procurement planning from the development & initiation stage, defining requirements, analysing how the supply market works, assessing risks and ultimately defining the best procurement strategy and contract management administration, performance, relationship management and contract renewal/termination to meet our client’s business needs.

Portfolio & Programme Management

We help enhance project and programme selection, prioritisation and control and performance for organisations to balance long term strategies and short term imperatives, agile governance and a series of adaptable processes, tools and techniques to optimise their investments and strategic activities required to achieve the organisation’s business objectives and capacity to deliver.

Supply Chain Management

We provide an effortlessly integrated plan, control and execute your product/service’s flow, from acquiring raw materials and production through distribution to the final customer in the most streamlined and cost-effective way to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Engineering Design & Assurance

We help in effective engineering design assurance, including requirements definition, drawing/specification control, design verification, control of changes and supporting documentation assuring you that the right job is done right. Our responsibilities are but not limited to planning, implementing and maintaining design assurance to help set the stage for achieving excellence in your engineering products and services.

Project Controls Training

This course equips you with the right tools and gives you a deeper level of understanding to boost your competency in controlling your projects. It illustrates how to effectively plan, control, monitor, and forecast a project’s schedule and cost. More importantly, it shows you how to develop the project’s plans and processes so that schedule and cost control are achievable goals.

PMP Training

This course helps you gain valuable project management skills, knowledge and confidence required to execute large scale global projects and lead on strategy and management with courses on the latest project management methodologies from trainers with real-world experience. Learn about Agile processes and prep for the PMP® certification to increase the efficiency of you and your team.